Quick quiz: Do your loved ones know where to find your Will?

You have taken the time to seriously think about your wishes, met with a lawyer, and signed a Will. That’s great! But will anyone know where to find it?

In a crazy case in New Hampshire, three people – including the daughter – cracked open a cement vault to get inside of the casket of a man who died in 2004! What would cause people to do this? They were poking around a 10 year old corpse in a futile search for this man’s original Will. These modern day grave robbers must have been quite disappointed that they only found a pack of cigarettes along with the body.

Once you have done the hard work of creating an estate plan for yourself and to protect your family and loved ones, make sure that those you name to be responsible for your estate as personal representatives (also known as executors), guardians, and trustees all know where they can find your original documents. You sure don’t want to take it to the grave.

Here is the Boston Globe’s story: “Police: Grave ransacked in search for ‘real will’”.

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