Probate and Estate Administration

Law Offices of Alexis B. Kaplan, LLC represents personal representatives, also known as executors, who are probating an estate.  Attorney Kaplan understand that it is always a difficult time when you lose a loved one, and she will help you through the paperwork of the probate system so you have the piece of mind that everything is being taken care of while having the personal space to grieve.

The Massachusetts Uniform Probate Code (MUPC) went into effect in April 2012 which has created an interesting system in Massachusetts of informal and formal probates, plus there is also voluntary administration available for small estates. While informal and formal probate are essentially the same, there can be big consequences in choosing the right type of court procedure from the outset, particularly when real estate is involved. Even if you are planning on handling a probate estate on your own a probate consultation with Law Offices of Alexis B. Kaplan, LLC can prove extremely helpful in getting you started on the right foot.

While Law Offices of Alexis B. Kaplan, LLC does not generally get involved with litigation, we do offer representation for interested parties in trust and estate matters in order to advise you of your rights and expectations in the process.

Please contact Law Offices of Alexis B. Kaplan, LLC today to schedule a consultation on administering an estate.

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