Guardianships and Conservatorships


When a child’s parents are no longer able to take care of her, an intellectually disabled child is turning 18, or an adult is in a state where he is no longer able to fully take care of himself, guardianships are important to ensure that individual’s caregiver is able to make those decisions. From discussing the need for a guardianship, to filing the petition, representation at the required court hearing, and working on annual court care plan reports Attorney Kaplan will help you with each step.

Whether someone is too young to handle assets that are legally theirs or they are an adult in some way incapacitated or otherwise unable to properly care for their assets, a conservator can serve a vital role in handling that person’s assets in a way that is respectful and helpful to the individual. Attorney Kaplan will meet with you to discuss filing a conservatorship, representing you at the court hearing, and assisting you in putting together and filing the annual court accounts.

Attorney Kaplan was first introduced to guardianships through her pro bono work with the Volunteer Lawyers Project and stays current with the area of guardianships and conservatorships through her membership in the Massachusetts Guardianship Association.

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